Do NOT be mistaken

Do NOT be mistaken. 

In the shadow of yesterday’s violence and siege of the United States Capitol, many of us are NOT calling for additional police. 

We were not yesterday, and are NOT today, wishing or hoping there had been more police. 

We are NOT wishing or hoping police had treated the trump mob with the type of violence they unleash on people who protest racial injustice and social inequity.

What many of us want is for law enforcement to NOT be violent with us just like THEY CHOSE not to be violent with yesterday’s majority white, male rioters. 

And I want to know that law enforcement – including Capitol police – are NOT comprised of the kind of people shown in the photograph below.

Yes. He’s posing for a selfie, with a domestic terrorist, who is participating in an attempted coup. 


By Aurora Vasquez

Aurora Vasquez is a Washington based attorney and activist. You can find her on Twitter at @SoyYoya