This is How Angry I Am

This is How Angry I Am

Tell me one more time to calm down
Tell me once again that I am emotional
One more time.
I will clobber you in dance step
With a cast-off pipe from a bombed out abortion clinic

Tell me one more time to move on
Tell me once again that he won
One more time.
I will join hordes of starving hags and babies
To scratch your useless eyes into smeared gelatin

Send me texts about the unfairly high price tag
Of having transgender people in your military
One more time.
You will be force fed an overdose of Viagra
And your useless heart will eventually stop stirring

Ask me again to welcome the Dakota Access Pipeline
Tell me that only a Christian Church is sacred land
One more time.
We will send you nightmares, terrifying and relentless
And your useless psyche will melt and fall

Send me once again bloodless tracks about illegal aliens
And the plot of radical Muslims to kill us all
One more time.
We will find the trucks loaded with suffocating dreamers
We will give them air, suckle them tenderly, and teach them to read

Tell me one more time that I am naive, a bleeding heart
Send me speeches saying he is good for business, for jobs
One more time.
We will write, march, persuade, scream, cry, vote, resist
And your useless voice will slip under the cold water

You, my brother, have no idea how angry I am

No idea.

— Seraphin Morgan
July 27, 2017

(Image Credit: PBS)

In Virginia, Lipton Tea workers prove there is power in a union

On Monday, July 24, workers at the Lipton Tea factory in Suffolk, in the so-called right-to-work Commonwealth of Virginia, voted 109 – 6 to approve their first union contract. The contract covers 240 workers in the plant. It also covers all Lipton Tea factory workers in North America, since the Suffolk plant produces all the […]

In Poland “ladies are not playing”, they are fighting for their rights

In Poland last year, the Federation for Women and Family Planning celebrated its 25th anniversary. It was created to defend the reproductive laws that existed in 1991. Its director, Krystyna Kacpura, reflects, “This is the only organization in the country whose focus is sexual and reproductive rights, of course we have many NGOs working on […]

Florida’s special hell for women, the Lowell Correctional Institution, ran out of water

Florida built a special hell for women, the Lowell Correctional Institution. In 2015, Lowell housed, or better caged, 2696 women, surpassing the Central California Women’s Facility and thus becoming the largest women’s prison in the United States. From the start, in 1956, to today, the place has been a nightmare: overcrowded, rampant with staff abuse […]

Who’s your boss? Two South African courts decide in favor of workers

A specter is haunting the global economy: the specter of workers organizing. All the powers of the old and new global economy have entered into an unholy alliance to exorcise this specter, but it just keeps coming back. Actually, it never left. In South Africa this week, organized and organizing workers received encouraging decisions from […]

a petite woman

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Tomorrow Scotland finally demolishes Cornton Vale, its only women’s prison

This morning, Nicola Ferguson Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party, wrote, “Tomorrow sees a major milestone in the transformation of our justice system. We will begin the demolition of Cornton Vale women’s prison, a move that marks the next stage in our plans to ensure Scotland’s penal policy doesn’t […]

Hats off Madame Simone Veil!

In France, feminists and humanists are mourning Simone Veil, the emblematic woman who in 1975 presented and defended her abortion bill in the almost exclusively masculine French parliament. She has been perceived as a rebel and she would say that she never accepted that women had restrictive rights. As a young magistrate in charge of […]

What happened to Manjula Shette? The routine torture of women in India’s prisons

Manjula Shette spent about ten years in prison, in India. By all accounts, she was a model prisoner. Most of her time, Manjula Shette spent at the notorious Yerwada Prison, located in Pune, in the state of Maharashtra. There, she worked as a jail warden, which meant advocating for fellow prisoners and keeping the peace. […]

In Tanzania, as everywhere, pregnant girls deserve an education!

At a rally last week, Tanzania’s President John Magufuli declared that pregnant school girls would never be allowed to return to school. The President’s statement sparked a heated debate, in Tanzania and elsewhere. For the past two days, Kenyans have weighed in, using the hashtag #StopMagufuli. Yesterday, Tanzania’s Minister for Home Affairs, Mwigulu Nchemba, threatened […]

Maria Puga, widow of Anastasio Hernández-Rojas, haunts the borderlands everywhere

  Tomorrow, June 23, is International Widows Day, established in 2010, the year of Anastasio Hernández-Rojas’ death. This is the story of Maria Puga, his widow, who said, “No, justice must be served.” On May 2, 1968, Anastasio Hernández-Rojas was born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. At the age of 15, he moved north, to […]

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