Five Haikus for Malcolm X

Five Haikus for Malcolm X

Let’s talk down to earth 
No celestial problems
Ballots or bullets.

Not scared of bullets
More frightened of the ballot
But no new gun laws

New Legislation
Forty-seven angry states
To limit the vote.

American fear
Shaped like a citizen’s hand
Holding a ballot 

Tell the whole story
No Malcolm X no Martin
The yin and the yang

(By Heidi Lindemann and Michael Perry)

(Photo Credit: Library of Congress / Parris Stancell / Camilo J. Vergara)

New Jersey built a special hell for women, Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women

Nafeesah Goldsmith, lead organizer for NJ Prison Justice Watch, hugs Tiera Piercy-Hollis of Camden at a protest outside Edna Mahan Correctional Facility An ombudsman is an official appointed to investigate complaints against “maladministration” by a central government. By investigating, an ombudsman protects against governmental abuse of power. It’s that simple … unless you’re in New […]

Prisons, jails, immigrant detention centers are deathtraps. What else is there to say? Do not look away.

Where are the women? Where is Andrea Circle Bear? On April 22, 2020, The New York Times reported that 7 of the 10 largest Covid-19 clusters in the United States are prisons and jails. Today, The New York Times returns to the scene of the crime – prisons, jails, immigrant detention centers. Their article opens, “Worldwide, about 2 in 100 people […]

Elegy for George Floyd

Elegy for George Floyd Take a deep breath and sally forthWhen taking three steps beyond your front doorIf the breath flows predominantly through one nostrilThen take your first step with the corresponding footYour luck might be better If you believe in the old teachings Because a human Life can be taken because of a pack of […]

Not Your Yellow Fantasy: #StopAsianHate intersectionality

I went to the #StopAsianHate march in DC because I have experienced verbal and physical assault because of my Asian identity. After hearing of the shooting in Atlanta, I realized that the targeting towards Asian women was not accidental. My friend and I hoped to stress the intersectionality in the march by posting signs such […]

In Turkey, women refuse to go back: ‘It is women who will win this war’

Around the world, the past year has seen astronomical increases in the incidence of domestic violence. According to United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, “Since the outbreak of Covid-19, emerging data and reports have shown that all types of violence against women and girls, particularly domestic violence, has intensified in what […]

No, Actually, This is Exactly Who We Are

Tuesday, a 21-year-old white man went on a killing spree, murdering 8 people in Georgia. His targets were mostly Asian American women, working in massage parlors across Cherokee County and in Atlanta. He was arrested, alive. He was called a kid. He had had a bad day and was mentally ill with a sexual addiction. Apparently, the Captain decided […]

Swirl: For Women’s History Month

Swirl: For Women’s  History Month Princess Café au Lait Barbie and Prince Ginger Ken couldn’t do what we have doneUnited two families The day we were married and our hands metWe were Black and White touchingAll these years togetherAnd I have never written you a poem Too busy loving — I guess — to write about […]

There isn’t a school

There isn’t a school There isn’t a schoolfor protesting  but there isfor policeand policing There isn’t a schoolfor protesting orfor protesters to learn the tradeto learn the skills but there isfor policeand policing There isn’t a schoolThough we have plenty of schools (who is schooledwho is educated) There isn’t a school When might there be An […]

Landmark case: In South Africa, five sisters said NO! to the exclusion of women … and won!

Constitutional Court This is the story of Trudene Forword, Annelie Jordaan, Elna Slabber, Kalene Roux and Surina Serfontein, five women who refused to be denied their birthright, and In so doing affirmed, once again, that justice means justice for everyone. The story begins in 1902, in Oudtshoorn, in the Klein Karoo, in the Western Cape. Oudtshoorn […]

Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine Find a beat that aligns with your drumMatches your rhythmAnd the pitch of your hum Find a wind that lifts your wingsBillows your sailsAnd makes wind chimes sing Find a notch to settle inA perfect little creviceA nestling nookA cozy little place to call home  Find where you belongAs everyone has their own […]

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