A day in the Life of a Chronically Ill Black Woman

A day in the Life of a Chronically Ill Black Woman 

As the first rays of dawn 
Crest upon the morning sky 
A trickle of pain begins dribbling, 
At the courtesy of severe IBS, 
From my lower left abdomen. 

With that, 
Sudden jolts of pain right me from my sleep 
And send me scrambling to the bathroom 
Pleading for sweet relief 
Sometimes it comes, 
Other times I’m hospitalized, 
But all the same 
I am in pain. 

This 5 o’ clock routine is followed by 
An assortment of possibilities 
For my mental and physical health 
A 9 o’ clock rerun of the morning’s sickness 
Or perhaps a 10 o’ clock report 
On the little hospital television 
That another Black american has been killed 

If it is not my body that cripples me 
It is the fact that this country can 
And very well might 
Kill me 
And you won’t ever hear my name 
Whether it be in the street 
Or from institutions racist towards me.

(Image Credit: Adelaide Damoah)

About Sierra Snead

Sierra Snead is studies Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Stockton University, working towards social activism when not studying towards her future in medicine. You can reach her under the Twitter handle @1sierrasnead, or on Instagram as sierra.snead.