Hot and Spicy Extra Crispy

Hot and Spicy Extra Crispy

This is how the world ends
Not with a whisper but with a bang!

Of a gavel on the Supreme Court 
Or in a grand jury judgement for the killers of 
Breonna Taylor

With gas Guns in state designated Anarchy zones
Were Americans protest peacefully — and otherwise for justice
With the slamming of the doors of 
Bed Bath and Beyond
Because apparently even e-commerce can’t  support
Brick and mortar capitalism during a plague
With apologies to Emeril Legasse
The world is suddenly getting too hot and spicy
And the fires are making everything extra crispy.

Amy Coney Barrett,
What Black Clad Aunt 
Her moment come at last 
Slouches towards the Supreme Court bench
Moving us closer to Gilead.

(Image Credit: ABC News)

About Heidi Lindemann Michael Perry

Heidi Lindemann and Michael Perry are Washington, DC, based activists. Together, they have taught meditation and Kriya Yoga at the Jung Society of Washington, DC, the Theosophical Society of DC and at the Kanyakumari Yoga and Ayurvedic Wellness Center in Milwaukee, WI.