I explain (a thing or two)

I explain (a thing or two)
I explain
a thing or two
to a young learner
she an ardent reader
chess player and now
its marabaraba too
and to our delight
she also shares
her learning
with others
(like each one
and teach one)
I explain
a thing or two
about a book
she is busy with
a few instalments of
The Young Children’s
donated they were
by neighbours next-door
who intuitively bought them
at a market somewhere
and donated them to us
I grin to myself
as I think
of Pablo Neruda’s
I explain a Few Things
This I do as I recall
the Neruda poem read
at my trade unionist
father’s recent memorial
In death I want to be with the poor
who have no time to study it,
while those who have the sky
divided and deeded beat upon them….”
Need I explain (more)
(Photo Credit: YouTube / Maria Farantouri)
About David Kapp

David Kapp is a popular educator and poet living in Cape Town, South Africa.