You want to explain to your child
                    Why she didn’t go to school today
                     Even though it’s just Wednesday;
                                       But you can’t.
                 The adult in you searches for words,
                                A semblance of reason
              The reason you too never saw it coming,
       Even though the newspapers and analysts blared
     incessantly with facts and opinions that somehow
                                         A Wednesday;
                                        A midweek day
 When heat, rain and hustle had been the only certain
                               forecasts for the day.
                            When you woke up and knew
                    - more than you had ever before –  
                                                                   That you knew nothing at all.

                         Fungai R. Machirori (15/11/17)

(Image Credit: David Krut Projects / Robyn Penn)

About Fungai Machirori

Fungai Machirori is a poet and journalist. She blogs regularly at Fungai Neni: https://fungaineni.net.