For the Nameless

For the Nameless

I would speak for Eudy if I had to
And Khwezi
But all the others I cannot name
My memory refuses to hold so much sorrow
For years I blamed menopause
For years I wrote in response to every news of another dead hero
“I am sorry for you but I have ceased to weep.
I ran out of tears years ago”
Only action left
As each one died and comrades broke one after another from the strain
Seeking refuge in drugs, alcohol or sex
Preferably all at the same time
As the circle of those still standing grew smaller and more wounded
We surrounded ourselves with prayer and gathered in a circle with our backs facing each other
And each time one more fell
I dedicated myself to struggle

Now recently i noticed myself still standing
For the second time a genocide survivor
And others healing, getting back up, brushing themselves off
I found hope
Growing like a flower in the center of the circle where we once stood
Rooted in love
Soil Black and comely
Rooted in God/de Herself

I loved you every one, my siblings
I will honor your memory in dance
When I one day have the strength to remember your names


Final resting place for Musa. “You’ll never be forgotten”


(Photo Credit 1: Daily Maverick/ SAHA) (Photo Credit 2: inkanyiso / Zanele Muholi)

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