I do the I

I do the I

I do the I
all Rasta-shirted
out Hanover Park-way

Out where, folks say,
bullets fly and all
is seen as doom and gloom

I do the I
as folks pass
and salute
Rasta-style, BC-style

(though there are
few Bikos and Sobukwes
to return the gesture)

I do the I
not the I which is
back in favour not just
up ivory-tower-way

I do the I
on my way
to the CASE launch
of their Training Manuals

I do the I
children are in school
reading and writing
out Hanover Park-way

(the power off
but no doom and gloom
only a service provider
so-called, failing us)

I do the I

Taking my I-cue from a passing driver giving me the clenched fist salute, me en route to the CASE Training Manuals Breakfast Launch (www.case.za.org, admin@case.za.org). Morgensen Primary’s principal, Mr EA Petersen’s “Yes, Hanover Park has problems, but it’s not all doom and gloom” (Cape Times, Sept 29 2011) encouraging me along my way.


(Photo Credit: RastaClothing)


About David Kapp

David Kapp is a popular educator and poet living in Cape Town, South Africa.