I nearly lost it

I nearly lost it
I nearly lost it
on our Women’s Day
dropped Alice Walker’s
A poem travelled
down my arm”
A gem amongst others
found at the Rotary Club
containers where there are
Books for the World
I nearly lost it
(later) on Eid-al-Fitr
traipsing around
showing off our collection
(The Babysitters Club series
A series of Unfortunate Events series
the Sweet Valley Twins series
even the Captain Underpants series)
The morning after
reading aloud extracts
to a literary associate
(from Mutual to Lansdowne
journeying Metro-hell turd-class)
What hair
we here!
Between assassination
I nearly lost it
on our Women’s Day
Our Women’s Day skies are blue as Alice Walker’s lovely tome drops from my grasp, on the way to show off Belthorn Primary School’s collection of books in the neighbourhood. She invokes “Mandela with a free heart ... (Frederick) Douglass the same ... refusal of enslavement ... Einstein different but similar” in her intro titled “This is a strange book”
(Image Credit: Penguin Random House)
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David Kapp is a popular educator and poet living in Cape Town, South Africa.