ACAS Bulletin 83: Sexual and gender based violence in Africa

Sexual and gender based violence in Africa 

A New ACAS Bulletin edited by Daniel Moshenberg 

This Bulletin began in response to news reports of “corrective” and “curative” gang rapes of lesbians in South Africa. These were then followed by news reports of a study in South Africa that found that one in four men in South Africa had committed rape, many of them more than once. We wanted to bring together concerned Africa scholars and committed African activists and practitioners, to help contextualize these reports. We wanted to address the ongoing situation of sexual and gender based violence on the continent, the media coverage of sexual and gender based violence in Africa, and possibilities for responses, however partial, that might offer alternatives to the discourse of the repeated profession of shock or the endless, and endlessly reiterated, cycle of lamentation. To that end, we have brought together writers of prose fiction (Megan Voysey-Braig), lawyer-advocates (Salma Maoulidi, Ann Njogu), poets (Chinwe Azubuike), trauma scholars (Sariane Leigh), human righs and women’s rights advocates (Michelle McHardy), gender and transgender advocates (Liesl Theron), activist researchers (Sasha Gear). These categories are fluid, since every writer here is involved in various activist projects, advocates in many ways. The writers do not pretend to `cover Africa’, and neither does the collection of their writings. The writings treat South Africa, Nigeria, Zanzibar, Kenya, Sierra Leone. They are meant to continue certain conversations, to initiate others. 

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Table of Contents 

Sexual and gender based violence: everyday, everywhere, and yet… | pdf 
Daniel Moshenberg 

Untitled | pdf 
Megan Voysey-Braig 

Zanzibar GBV advocacy: important lessons for future legal reform strategies | pdf 
Salma Maoulidi 

Searching for the will to conscientiously prosecute sexual crimes in Zanzibar | pdf 
Salma Maoulidi 

Poet’s Note | pdf 
Onwu Di 
Of Widowhood 
Chinwe Azubuike 

Post conflict recovery in Sierra Leone: the spiritual self and the transformational state | pdf 
Sariane Leigh 

To be a woman in Kenya: a look at sexual and gender-based violence | pdf 
Ann Njogu and Michelle McHardy 

Trans-hate at the core of gender based violence? | pdf 
Liesl Theron 

Manhood, violence and coercive sexualities in men’s prisons: dynamics and consequences behind bars and beyond | pdf 
Sasha Gear 

Supplemental Material 

Profile: Dr Denis Mukwge 
Lelly Morris / The Lancet 

Interview: Sexual terrorism in eastern DRC 
Amy Goodman interveiws Christine Shuler Deschryver 

Report: Soldiers who rape, commanders who condone 
Human Rights Watch


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