I wonder if white men in Charleston

“Mother Emanuel” African Methodist Episcopal Church

I wonder if white men in Charleston (or even within 5000 miles of it), between the ages of 10 and 90, between 3’5″ and 7′, white men wearing suits and ties or white men wearing bathing suits or white men wearing jeans and tshirts or white men wearing khakis and polo shirts, white men who are sleeping, white men who are walking, white men who are running, white men who are in the midst of asthma attacks, white men who are doctors, white men who are washing their cars, white men who are teachers, white men who are eating with their families, white men who are playing golf, white men who are eating sandwiches in a park, white men who are driving, or/and white men who are breathing will be unceremoniously harassed by the police?

Will be by beaten down like an animal by the police?

Will be arrested, will be shot, will be killed by the police under the pretext of ‘looking like’ the suspect (or without any pretext at all)?

Will receive hostile stares from fellow citizens and neighbors?

Will be judged and juried by millions before they wake in the morning?

Will be destroyed by hate—all at once, or little by little?

(Photo Credit: CNN)

About Mona R. Washington

Mona R. Washington is an African-American playwright and attorney. She is tired of repeatedly fighting the same battles, but cannot fathom any other choice.